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Welcome to my website, dedicated to the teaching of Yoga - technique, philosophy and art of living.
I would be delighted to share my experience with you by providing you with the tools to refind or strengthen your wellbeing through the harmony of body and mind.
I am passionate about Yoga, which I’ve been practicing for 20 years. I have been trained by André Van Lysebeth, Frans Moors and Dr. Natesan Chandrasekaran, in line with T. Krishnamacharya from Chennai. I am a member of the ABEPY, a FBHY acknowledged by the ADEPS (which are Belgian and Yoga sport unions) and by he European Yoga Union.
I regularly partake in yoga master classes in Europe and India so as to refine my knowledge, and share it with those who wish to.





Tuesday: 7pm to 8.15pm
Grande salle au I. étage (sonette Hobby) 


Thursday: 7pm to 8.15pm

Petite salle au rez de chaussée